Course Selection Materials for 2020-2021

General steps for completing course selection:

  1. Review graduation requirements

  2. Evaluate your standing using ASPIRE

    • Log in to your account

    • Click the College and Career Plan button (Right hand side, middle of page)

  3. Reference the course selection videos, course catalog(s), course descriptions, prerequisites, and a walk through of our processes here.

  4. Complete the appropriate course selection card, filling in 16 total boxes.  Remember to include the preselected boxes in your count.

  5. Return the completed card to the counseling center by the deadline

2020 Deadlines

The counselors will be in the English classes on 2/5 & 2/6 to complete cards with the students.  Please review all the materials, complete the free response questions in Canvas (English classes) and be prepared to complete your course selection card in class.  If you are absent, don't worry, the counselors will find you to complete your card.

Thank you!

What Grade will you be in for the 2020-2021 school year?

*You do NOT need to print your card.  We will provide you with your personalized card in class. These are just for reference. Thanks!

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