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AMES is a part of a state and national initiative called Early College High School.  AMES offers motivated students opportunities to advance toward their high school diploma while also earning college credits.  Students are given opportunities to enroll and earn University of Utah credits in Math, Science, Humanities and English.  AMES also offers advanced placement courses in U.S. History, Psychology, US Government and Citizenship, World History, Computer Science Principles and Calculus.


Who should apply to AMES?

Students who are active learners, motivated, persistent, creative, collaborative, innovative, desirous of reaching out to others, and willing to aim for a new future.  GPA and other traditional criteria are not required.


Where is the school located and how will I get there?

AMES shares space at Cottonwood High School.  AMES provides several bus routes through a private, licensed provider. 

Interested in what classes we offer? Check out our Course Catalog


Who are the teachers?

AMES has attracted a committed and professional staff of highly qualified licensed teachers.  Combining decades of experience in both public education and the private sector with enthusiasm for a small high school program, AMES teachers are eager to support each student’s individual unique learning interests and needs.

Is AMES just a school for 'smart' kids?

No. Base intelligence will only get you so far here.  The students who succeed at AMES work hard, ask questions, work together and actively participate in their learning. 

How does the application process work?

As a public charter school, AMES aligns with the state and federal policies that determine our operation.  This includes conducting a blind lottery for all eligible 9th grade applicants.  This gives any interested student an equal chance at acceptance. The application is opened at the beginning of January and remains open until mid February every year.  The lottery is conducted at the end of February and accepted students are notified within a few weeks of the lottery. Upperclassmen applicants are notified in the summer and will be asked to meet with school officials before acceptance.

Can I participate in sports and extracurricular activities while I attend AMES?
We have a good partnership with Cottonwood High School and you may participate in Cottonwood sports and extracurricular activities. Many of those activities are well represented by AMES students. As an incoming freshman you may compete in sports at your boundary school or with Cottonwood, however, once you establish where you are playing you may lose a year of eligibility if you try to transfer at a later date.


What languages are offered at AMES?

We have traditionally offered Spanish and Arabic at AMES and we currently offer Russian. Cottonwood High School provides the opportunity to take French, Chinese, Advanced Spanish and American Sign Language.

Can I get an Associate Degree while attending AMES?
One of the principles of an early college program is that students may earn an associate degree or up to two years of transferable college credit. Our higher education partner the University of Utah does not offer associate degrees. Students may earn up to 43 semester hours of University of Utah credit while attending AMES, which is the equivalent of two years of college.


What if I am not especially good at math or science? Is AMES still the school for me?
AMES offers all the classes you need to graduate from high school. Additionally you can take classes from Cottonwood High School that will diversify your high school experience. You will graduate from AMES with four credits each of math and science, you will be prepared for college when you graduate and you will have done it in smaller classes and in a supportive environment.

Interested in AMES?

Talk to your current school counselor or MESA advisor for more information. 

Or feel free to contact AMES directly.


AMES Tour Schedule 2022-2023

March 15th

All tours will be held from

8:45 - 9:30 am

* No need to call ahead

AMES Information Meetings

January 18th

January 31st

February 16th

Information meetings will start at 6:30pm in RM 209

If you would like to schedule a different time, please contact our office.  Tours will be scheduled during school hours and with your student present.

AMES Orientation Videos

 Please click here to view an AMES presentation.  You may also watch the video below for more information regarding AMES.

To request more information:

Contact the AMES Main Office

Monday - Friday 

8:30am - 4pm


You can also request more information through this form:

Success! Message received. We will respond within 5 business days. Thank you!

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