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RSVP for Credit Camp

By Calling Niltza Rains in the AMES Main Office


We will be mailing home a copy of your credit evaluation which is a break down of credits attempted, earned and failed 9th grade to present (They will not include the current quarter).  Students are encouraged to attend Credit Camp to remediate any and all F's, include those in elective classes.


General steps for checking if Credit Camp is right for your student:

  1. Review AMES graduation requirements

  2. Evaluate your standing using ASPIRE

    • Log in to your ASPIRE account

    • Click the College and Career Plan button (Right hand side, middle of page ~or~ if you are using your phone, it will appear towards the bottom of the page)

    • Completed categories will appear green.  Clicking on the different categories will highlight the courses that cover those requirements.  If you ever have a questions about graduation status, credits, or how to evaluate your status, please contact your counselor.  Thank you!

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