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Thank you for completing your registration for AMES. 

When you click on the registration button, you will have two choices.  Please use the
Current Student Registration side to start your registration process.  You filled out paper work when you applied to AMES and then you were accepted, making you a current student, even if you haven't attended yet. 

Registration needs to be done with a
parent's account.  If the parent doesn't have a log in already set up, please click on Request a Username and create the parent login.  If you need your student ID Number please contact the office.  Then come back to this form and click the registration link at the bottom and sign into the Current Student Registration side and use the Login and Register Student Button. 

If you haven't fill out paperwork to be accepted into the school, please contact the front office.  (801)278-9460.

Registration Online Instructions-2_edited.jpg
Registration Online Instructions-3.jpg

When you are done with the disclosures and agreements, return to aspire to pay your fees.

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