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Graduation 2020 Instructions

Dear AMES Class of 2020 & Families,

We hope this information reaches you well and that you are all happy and healthy. We recognize that this is not how you wanted to end your senior year of school. We have heard from many of you and want to honor your desires to participate in a graduation ceremony. Given the current social distancing protocols, the uncertainty of the coming months, and student availability moving forward, we choose to push forward and honor our seniors with a modified graduation ceremony to be held on Friday, May 22, 2020.

Due to decisions made by Granite District’s School Board, Cottonwood High School’s graduation will take place on school property shortly before our AMES ceremony. This has necessitated an adjustment to our start time from 5:30 to 6:00 PM. This will help us avoid additional traffic congestion and the crowds associated with a large class graduation. Thank you for your understanding.

The AMES 2020 Graduation Ceremony will proceed as follows:

  • Graduation will take place in the AMES (CHS South) parking lot and will involve vehicles lining up and moving through the parking lot in a predetermined pattern.

    • A radio station transmission will be set up so the names and music can be heard in participating vehicles.

    • A live video feed of the procession will be available via Facebook. Information will be distributed to our graduating seniors, who will then pass it along to their family and friends.

  • Vehicles will only be allowed to enter using the south entrance. Murray City Police will be assisting in directing traffic and have asked that participating vehicles approach from the south, going north on 1300 East, staying in the right hand lane. This will allow regular traffic to continue unimpeded

  •  Only one vehicle per graduating senior will be allowed to enter the parking lot and participate. The parking lot will be closed to all other vehicles and foot traffic during the ceremony.

  •  Vehicles will proceed slowly, single file through the parking lot towards a drop off point.

  • Only the graduating senior will exit their vehicle at the “drop off” point (south end of the tennis courts)

  • Seniors are expected to be dressed in their graduation caps and robes.

  • The Senior will walk the path towards the stage, while their vehicle slowly follows beside them. Families must remain in the vehicle and can film and photograph their graduate as they walk the path, cross the stage and accept their diploma. Please consider this as you arrange your vehicle seating arrangements. Graduates should be seated on the passenger side of the vehicle for ease of exiting and entering.

  • Prior to reaching the stage, Graduates will present an index card to an AMES staff member, with the name they wish to have announced as they accept their diploma.

  • The Senior will step onto the stage as their name is announced, accept their diploma, and continue off the stage on the opposite side.

  • Graduates will continue walking to the end of the path where they will enter their vehicle and exit the premises.


An instructional video can be viewed at

We are excited to participate in this celebration of success and achievement. Though this may not be exactly what you envisioned for your high school graduation, it will definitely be unique and unforgettable. Congratulations AMES senior class of 2020.

Warmest Regards,
The AMES Administration and Staff

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