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Zoom Schedule Changes - WEEK OF AUGUST 10th

Wednesday August 12th  ZOOM SCHEDULE CHANGES  9 – 11am and 12 – 2pm
Thursday August 13th ZOOM SCHEDULE CHANGES  9 – 11am and 12 – 2pm
Friday August 14th ZOOM SCHEDULE CHANGES  9 – 11am and 12 – 2pm

We will meet with you in the order you arrive in the Zoom Waiting Room. 

Please make sure your Zoom Name is your student name.

We reserve the right to dismiss anyone we do not recognize.

We look forward to meeting with you! 

Students with Last Name L - Z

Students with Last Name A - K

Transcript Request Form
Please check to box of EACH school you would like your transcript sent to. If the school or program does not appear on the list, or if you are requesting a transcript for an alternate reason (i.e. scholarship, employer, etc.) please use the box provided below.

Thank you!

Your transcript will be sent within 5 school days of submitting this request.

Please provide the full address of any other school, program, etc. that you need a transcript sent to. Please include: Name of Institution, Street Address, State, City and Zip

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