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Brett Wilson

Principal, AMES

Hello, I am Brett Wilson, the third principal that the Academy for Math, Engineering and Science (AMES) has had. I have been at the school since 2012.

I was a part of the AMES community before I was here in an official capacity. When my son was in 8th grade I was not going to send him to our boundary high school and since I knew the AMES Principal and the Dean of Student’s at that time, I convinced my wife to come to an orientation at the school.

She was as happy with the school as I was and since that time we have had two of our children graduate from AMES. I will enter the 2018-19 school year without a child as a student for the first time in my tenure at AMES.

My first venture into education was student teaching at Olympus High School in 1982. Since that time I have taught in three states in the capacity of physical education in middle and high schools settings, I have been a special education teacher, a high school coach, a school psychologist, a teacher specialist, a vice-principal for an alternative high school, an elementary principal, a district office consultant, and a high school principal. I like the opportunity to provide for the individual student and to serve the exceptions that come into the school system rather than writing policies that exclude having to make exceptions. I made the two-foot commitment to AMES at the very beginning and am humbled at the challenge of continuing the proud traditions and service the school has provided for students.

Our mission is to prepare a diverse student body for success in college or other post-secondary education.

AMES is a unique educational opportunity for students, teachers, and administrators. Changes in education and demographics seem to be ongoing. Having a blind lottery means each group of students entering in the fall presents a different opportunity to make a difference that may not be related to the previous class. We have teachers that have been here in the formative years and we have teachers that are brand new and have come to AMES for what the school is now. We are a small business that is independent from any other school system or district and yet we have partnerships with Granite School District and Higher Education (University of Utah). The 2018-19 school year represents a milestone for AMES as we will be conducting a self-evaluation in preparation for our onsite accreditation review in March. We will be seeking input for parents, students, teachers, our Board of Trustees as we examine our mission statement as well as our ongoing success in providing for the needs of our students.

I am not native to Utah having grown up in Alaska where I still have family. However, I have family ties in Utah that go back a long way. I attended the University of Utah for my undergraduate and Ph.D. programs and completed a Master’s Degree in Texas, where I also have family. In my spare time I am an avid fly fisherman, sometimes skier, Jazz fan and enjoy the infrequent opportunity to indulge my interest in poker 2 hours to the west.


Mr. Brett Wilson

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