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AMES Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)

What the PTSO does:

  1. We provide breakfast the morning of AP test taking, for the students taking the AP tests.
  2. We support AMES school dances, by providing food, organizing games for students on campus after school, and fund a bus from the AMES campus to Wheeler Farm.
  3. We provide teacher meals during parent teacher conferences.
  4. Teacher Appreciation Week meals/gifts of gratitude for our amazing AMES staff members. 
  5. We work with the AMES Foundation to help provide a number of senior scholarships (through an application process) to students that are furthering their education.
  6. PTSO sponsored End of year graduation party
  7. End of year school BBQ

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Donate to PTSO For Giving Tuesday

Hello AMES Parents!

We would like to highlight the AMES PTSO for this Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023. We have a goal of having 90% of AMES families participate in donating to the success and support of our students and staff this year. We are asking that each family donate $25 per student to the PTSO fund to help cover the costs of events our community has traditionally supported.  

To those parents that have already donated, THANK YOU!  To the parents who have not yet had an opportunity to participate and are able to, we would ask that you donate whatever amount you can, even if it's $1 or $5 it will still make a difference in how we are able to support our AMES community. (If you are able to give more than $25 or would like to sponsor another student donation, in addition to covering your own student, know that 100% of any amount you give goes directly to supporting the Teachers and Students at AMES.) 

In the past Facebook has matched donations for non-profit organizations on Giving Tuesday, but they have not yet released the details of it this year, so we are currently looking for donors that would consider matching the donations that are made on Giving Tuesday 2023. (The donations would be recieved by a registered 501(c)3 and would be eligible for tax deductions.)  Please email if there is a person, AMES alumni, business or corporation you think might be interested in matching those donations.

Thank you for your patience as the reorganization of the PTSO has been happening this year.  Unfortunately we were not able to help fund the student meals, activities, and bus from AMES to Wheeler Farm this year for the Fall Dance, but if we hit our target goal of 90% of families participating this Giving Tuesday, or have success with our donations being matched, the PTSO will not only be able to help support our Winter Dance, but ALL of the other community support traditions listed below, and possibly more. (For example, the AMES Prom)   

We are currently looking for a Social Media Manager, Secretary, Event Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraising Manager.  If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the PTSO please email with a short paragraph or two about yourself and what role you are interested in helping with.  
We hope you have a great holiday break! We will send out more info as we have it, like the link to donate on Tuesday November 28, 2023. 
Thank you for your consideration and continued support of our AMES community. 
Sunnie Young
AMES PTSO President

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Wish to join the PTSO?

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AMES Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) is the parent volunteer arm of the AMES Foundation. Its mission is to lend support to students, their families, and AMES teachers during the school year.

The PTSO is a stronger organization when we reflect all of the cities, diverse backgrounds, and varied interests of the AMES students and families. This organization is only possible with YOUR help. We value ANY contribution of time from our AMES family. Being involved is a great way to support your student(s). Please consider joining us! 

Our PTSO organizes and funds AMES student dances, dinners for teachers and staff during Parent / Teacher Conferences, breakfasts for students before ACT and PSAT tests, Open Mic night, teacher appreciation week, a graduation party, etc. 

To fund the activities we organize, we hope to raise about $25 per student enrolled at AMES. 100% of the funds we raise and the work we do go directly to support the AMES students and teachers! 

This organization is only possible with YOUR help. Being involved is a great way to support your student(s).

Volunteer meetings are monthly. A Zoom link and an agenda will be sent a few days before each meeting. Please DO attend our PTSO meetings, share your thoughts and ideas, and lend a hand if you can.