Get to Know AMES

Why choose AMES?

Our mission is to prepare a diverse student body for success in college or other post-secondary education.

The Academy for Math, Engineering & Science (AMES) is a public charter high school (9-12) that provides students with opportunities to extend their knowledge beyond the typical high school curriculum, especially in the areas of technology, math, science and engineering.  

At AMES, we are looking for students who are: 

  • Searching for better educational opportunities  
  • Willing to work hard  
  • Applying themselves to challenges  
  • Eager to try new things

Our mission is to prepare a diverse student body for success in college or other post-secondary education. AMES is a stimulating and inspiring place for bright, talented, and disciplined students. 

We offer an exceptional teaching staff, including University of Utah faculty and Salt Lake-area professionals, and small classes where individual needs can be met. In fact, no more than 500 students will be enrolled in AMES. 

Courses include integrated programs in math, science, technology, computer science and engineering as well as core classes in language arts, social studies, and the arts. Additional courses offered through Cottonwood High School round out the total AMES experience.

In addition to taking rigorous courses, completing homework, group work and projects, students at AMES enjoy and excel in a number of extra curricular activities. AMES students can and do participate in Cottonwood Athletics, as well as the theatre and music programs. 

We are not about attracting students with the highest GPA or assessment scores. 

We have a place for all students.

Brett Wilson, Principal

AMES High School

We serve our students by providing enrichment and challenges for the highest level student while also providing the support and scaffolding for all students to meet their potential.

The AMES Declaration

AMES is a school where everyone has value and that everyone is a participant in a learning community.

We as a school and staff support Effort and Risk, we support academic success for all.

We believe that students cannot do this alone: Staff, teachers, and other students support each other.

AMES strives to build a learning community where inter connectedness is paramount.

AMES is exceptional in that we address the support of each other and our students.

We believe no one at AMES should be anonymous.

We believe everyone needs to graduate from high school.

We believe in inclusion not elitism.

We believe every time one student grows and meets their goals we all benefit from their success.



A majority of our students have participated in our tutoring program at one time during their years at AMES. We offer afterschool, before school and lunch time tutoring.

We have also utilized student mentors in our classrooms most recently in the following classes: Math 1 & 2, Biology, and English 9 & 10.

All Academy for Math, Engineering, & Science programs and services are open to all students regardless of their race, color, national origin, sexual orientation and disabilities

The Academy for Math, Engineering & Science (AMES) Foundation is a charitable [IRC501©(3)] organization established for the exclusive purpose of benefiting AMES and its students. It is governed by a Board of Directors who serve voluntarily to apply all Foundation assets for this purpose. The Foundation includes, within its organizational umbrella, the Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO) and over the years, has assisted the school in public relations, recruiting students, and assisting with events for the benefit or participation of AMES students. The Foundation is available to help provide equipment or services to students in need. Donations to the Foundation can identify a specific activity or can be deposited into the general account where those funds can be used for costs and expenses of the school or its students that are beyond AMES budget constraints or outside scholastic programing limitations. Contact the AMES Foundation.